Orange County Wills and Estate Planning Attorney

Taking Control of Your Assets

After you have passed away, all your property and assets will be distributed. A will together with a trust allows you to determine how your assets are divided and what happens with your wealth. At my firm — the Law Office of Barbara J. Dibble — I help clients throughout Fullerton and Orange County, California, prepare wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents. Contact me online or call 714-515-5126 to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Orange County wills and estate planning lawyer.

Dividing Your Assets

During your life, you have total control over your assets, determining what happens with them and when. When you die, your will is one of the important documents you will need to determine how your assets are passed on to your heirs. I help clients create estate planning documents that carefully outline how their assets should be divided and that carefully explain which people receive which property.

Fullerton, California, Lawyer Helping Your Family Understand Your Wishes for Dividing Assets

Many people underestimate how their family will react when they are gone. Legal documents state exactly what should happen with everything in the estate. During the emotional turmoil that comes when a loved one dies, a will, in conjunction with other critical documents, can help provide concrete instructions about your wishes.

I know it can be difficult to imagine needing a will, or making plans for someone else to take care of your children. However, making these wishes known before you pass away is necessary. As you get older, and your assets become more complex, or if there are other people you would like named as beneficiaries, I can help you amend your will to reflect those changes.

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