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February 2014 Archives

Leaving instructions for when you're gone

However unlikely it might seem, a large rock could fall on a clear Fullerton night and kill you. Rather than trying to figure out the odds of such a thing happening, it might be better to contemplate this question: Have you made an estate plan to pass on your belongings to those you love and care about most?

Resident alien estate planning

Because of our region’s heritage and evolution, we in Fullerton have perhaps a fuller understanding of the immigration issues than other areas of the nation. It’s not unusual for a resident of the Fullerton area to marry a non-citizen, or for two non-citizens to marry and settle here.

Experts to heirs: Stop, breathe, think before making big plans

For many people who lose a parent, there are a variety of emotional issues to deal with in the aftermath. Perhaps the most common is a surge of grief or sadness and related feelings. For some, there are also unexpected, conflicting emotions after the will is read and they know they are to receive an inheritance.