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April 2015 Archives

Using probate referees in California

Estate representatives in California may want to learn about the availability of using probate referees during the administration of estates. Unique to the state, the probate referee system provides licensed professionals who are able to appraise property and assets at an affordable cost. These individuals have to pass a state test in order to be qualified to work as probate referees.

Estate planning for baby boomers and others

California baby boomers may be thinking about retirement planning but failing to make estate plans alongside that. According to experts, adults of all ages tend to procrastinate about estate planning. However, the lack of a comprehensive plan could make a person's death even more difficult for loved ones.

Debt planning as a component of estate planning

Many California residents believe that when a loved one dies, the debts that he or she still owed will be taken care of by the decedent's estate. In some cases, however, family members may be held to be responsible for paying certain obligations that were left behind. People who are contemplating the creation of an estate plan may thus want to have a discussion of these matters in order to help prevent surprises to their intended beneficiaries.