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May 2015 Archives

Daughter of Peter Falk seeking visitation rights bill

Catherine Falk, the daughter of Peter Falk, is advocating for a new law that would grant children the ability to visit their incapacitated or elderly parents. Catherine experienced difficulty visiting her father while he was incapacitated with Alzheimer's disease. Her stepmother was preventing her from seeing him.

Administration is part of estate planning

Being an administrator of an estate that is in probate can be taxing. It can mean a commitment of six months or several years. Having an attorney to assist while you are going through this can be a huge help. The legal representative will mean that you won't waste time on things that are not necessary. This legal professional can help you make decisions and brief you on what your next steps are.

GST and Estate Planning Tips

Making an estate plan in California requires understanding of both federal and state laws regarding gifts and taxes. It is very important that those who create an estate plan have a full understanding of the implications of any particular decision to save, move or bequeath funds. Estate planning is best handled with the help of a professional who understands the numerous laws at the federal and state level that can impact how estate funds are handled.