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Saying goodbye to rock star legend David Bowie

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Estate Planning

David Bowie’s sudden death has shocked everyone into a state of disbelief. Very few people were aware that Bowie was suffering from terminal cancer, even close friends like Brian Eno. However, it seems that Bowie himself was well-prepared for the end of his life, as he seems to have released his final album just in time.

One writer for The Guardian explains that the secrecy behind Bowie’s terminal cancer was a path that many of the Baby Boomer generation take. Secrecy allows them to avoid the constant attention and concern of loved ones, and it’s a way for chronically ill people to have some measure of control over the way they exit this world. And, in Bowie’s case, it certainly was in style.

Bowie released his new album only days before his death, on his 69th birthday. In a photo, which appears to have been taken on his birthday, Jan. 8, he can be seen in a sharp grey suit, smiling with excitement like a child. This image, which spread like wildfire after his death, is a tribute to the strength of this musician’s spirit and the fact that he truly went out with a bang that will be remembered. Indeed, Bowie’s new album, Black Star, soared to the top of the charts in both the United States and the UK in the days following his passing.

In the days and weeks to come, we may learn more details about David Bowie’s estate plans for the rock star fortune he earned. Considering how well he planned the years and days leading up to his death, it will be particularly interesting to how his organizational genius played out on the estate planning front.

Source: The Guardian, “David Bowie planned his end as he lived – on his own terms, blazing a trail,” Ann Neumann, accessed Jan. 15, 2016


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