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The important role an attorney fills in trust administration

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2016 | Trusts

The administration of trusts in California is an interesting element of estate planning. How a trust is administered can have a significant impact on an estate’s beneficiaries. Some residents attempt to take on trust administration alone, but by and large most will see the wisdom in seeking legal guidance right away. An attorney with trust administration experience can offer a wide range of professional services to assist you in your important task.

Most trustees have found that the asset distribution process is a bit easier with a trust over a will. However, most trusts include many guidelines for the trustee to follow when handling estate matters. With the decedent’s wishes at stake, most trustees strive to make sure the estate is managed according to these wishes. The ways in which an attorney can facilitate the process and meet the needs of the trustee and the estate’s beneficiaries are numerous. Some of these ways include:

— Assistance identifying the trust’s assets

— Assistance communicating with the beneficiaries

— Accurate preparation of legal documents

— Assistance managing assets throughout the administration

— Assistance distributing the trust’s assets

Another important role a lawyer fills is helping trustees with the estate’s tax requirements. Tax laws are already tricky and when a deceased person’s taxes are at the forefront, it can complicate matters even further.

Administrating a trust is often a new experience for many trustees. In most cases, they require guidance to complete the process and live up to the trust placed in them. At the law office of Barbara J. Dibble in Fullerton, California, you can get the legal advice you need to fulfill your role. Please keep reading to learn more about trust administration.


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