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Preventing family disputes over estate planning

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Estate Planning

Most California families know how important it is to have a will or other documentation that pertains to an estate plan. However, it’s easy to put off creating one, as many people don’t enjoy thinking about the end of their lives. That doesn’t change the urgency of the matter, as not doing so can lead to discord among heirs down the line. Experts say that there are strategies for estate planning to ensure that everyone understands the terms and to minimize the possibility of disagreements.

The biggest reason that heirs, who are often a person’s adult children, may argue over the distribution of an estate is a failure to communicate. This could happen between siblings or between them and the owner of the estate. If one heir feels left in the dark about the process, he or she may not trust what is going on. Communicating can also prevent issues that may arise relating to how property is distributed and how end-of-life expenses get covered. Estate owners will want to consistently communicate with everyone involved and can follow a process to reduce uncertainty.

The first step is to work with an attorney who has significant experience in handling estate planning. He or she can work with existing professionals in the estate owner’s life. Generating an overview of the owner’s finances comes next, including a list of assets and details for the distribution of those assets, particularly if they aren’t financial. Once that is finalized, meeting with all affected family members to discuss the provisions of the estate plan offers everyone a chance to ask questions and get an equal understanding.

No parent wants their children to fight over their estate when they have passed on from this life. An estate planning attorney here in California can help families plan for the future by making sure that the plan contains all necessary elements for their particular needs. It may be the best way for estate owners to be sure that their property is handled as they wish.


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