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How adult children can talk to parents about estate planning

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2020 | Estate Planning

When people consider the end of their life, they may think of the emotional aspects, such as the people they may leave behind, which is understandable, but they may overlook more practical matters. Many do not consider what they want to do with their assets or what they want the end of their life to look like. This is why estate planning is so important as it can cover both of those aspects and more. Some families in California who have loved ones approaching the ends of their lives may struggle to discuss these issues, but it is imperative. Fortunately, many experts have suggestions for the best ways to accomplish this.

First, the framing of the conversation is key. Rather than asking for details on amounts they might inherit, simply asking if the person has an estate plan at all may be enough to begin. For those who still feel uncomfortable, bringing up one’s own estate plan may be helpful.

If the person has an estate plan, the focus needs to be on the location of pertinent documentation. Heirs will want to be sure they can easily find them and know how to access them if they are located with a professional, such as an attorney or financial advisor. For those who do not have an estate plan, approaching the conversation with resources to create one is a great strategy. In addition to how the person wants his or her assets handled, heirs need to ask about wishes for a funeral or burial, if one is even wanted.

Though it may seem greedy or morbid to have discussions around estate planning, heirs can reassure their loved ones that they have their best interests at heart. Families who need assistance with creating an estate plan may want to consult an attorney here in California, particularly one who is familiar with this area of the law. The attorney can make sure that the plan created is thorough and complete.


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