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Preparing for an executorship

Many people will serve as executors at some point in their lives, designated to carry out the will of someone who has passed away. While many people agree to this responsibility, some may have limited ideas of what it entails or how to prepare. Here are some tips for California individuals looking to prepare for their upcoming role as executor.

  • Discuss the contents of the will with testator: Knowing what exactly is in the will, and what is expected of the executor as a result, will be important later on. The best way to get clarity on each matter is to meet with the person who drafted the will and/or his or her lawyer.
  • Know where the will is stored: Knowing where the will and other important documents can be found will be important when it comes time to make plans and move things forward.
  • Have a contact list: Having the contact information of the decedent’s lawyer, financial planner, and accountant are often critical in moving the process forward. So, too, is knowing how to reach all beneficiaries named in the will.

Involving a lawyer from early on can help prevent certain challenges related to estate administration, as the attorney can clarify the exact terms of the will and the expectations of the executor. When meeting the lawyer, it can also help unexperienced California executors to ask any questions about their role. Executorship comes with several duties and liabilities, so it is a good idea to understand the role fully before getting started.


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