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Estate planning for baby boomers and others

California baby boomers may be thinking about retirement planning but failing to make estate plans alongside that. According to experts, adults of all ages tend to procrastinate about estate planning. However, the lack of a comprehensive plan could make a person's death even more difficult for loved ones.

Debt planning as a component of estate planning

Many California residents believe that when a loved one dies, the debts that he or she still owed will be taken care of by the decedent's estate. In some cases, however, family members may be held to be responsible for paying certain obligations that were left behind. People who are contemplating the creation of an estate plan may thus want to have a discussion of these matters in order to help prevent surprises to their intended beneficiaries.

Relaxed estate taxes enable more giving

In the past, California estate planning attorneys typically focused on taxes, charity and family when they helped clients document their wishes for their assets after death. While passing down assets to family and leaving gifts for charity are still important elements of estate plans, taxes are less of an issue now than ever before.

Keeping track of estate planning documents

California residents who are planning their estate may be worried about how their loved ones will be able to handle their finances after they die. Although a person might create a detailed and well-structured estate plan, it will be up to their beneficiaries to see that the plan is implemented. If loved ones become overwhelmed at the thought of financial planning, managing an estate could cause them unnecessary stress.

Designating life insurance beneficiaries correctly

Purchasing life insurance is often a straightforward task, but some California residents may be unaware of potential problems that can occur when designating their beneficiaries. Understanding the possible effects of beneficiary designation is important as policy holders may thus be able to avoid unintended consequences.

The need for an estate plan for California business owners

In a survey of 513 business owners, it was found that only 70 percent of them have an estate plan. To qualify as having an estate plan, the business owner must have had at least a valid will. Among those who didn't have at least a will, some said that they weren't ready to face their deaths. Others said that they didn't see a need for an estate plan.

Estate planning tax exemptions avoid a large tax bill

Orange residents with an interest in estate planning may wish to know about some of the important tax exemptions related to estates. These may help to reduce the taxes that must be paid from the estate at the time of a person's death.

Learning from celebrity estate planning mistakes

California residents who are estate planning may be able to learn from the mistakes of various celebrities. An estate plan isn't only for the elderly or people with known health problems. Unfortunately, death, disability and illness can and do strike at any time.

Important estate planning issues for blended families

As California couples may know, a new marriage with a blended family takes special consideration to include all family members. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is estate planning and the potential change in taxes for both partners from their previous lives.

Importance of a living will at any age for Californians

When people turn 18, their parents no longer have the legal right to make important decisions regarding their healthcare or to have access to their health information. Accidents and serious illnesses can happen no matter how young or old a person may be, and it is important that those over 18 have documents in place to let their loved ones know how they want important medical decisions handled on their behalf.

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