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Pet Trusts Provide Care For Faithful Companions

When you have pets, they are part of your family. It’s that simple.

When you are planning for the orderly distribution of your estate and the management of your affairs after death, it is a good idea to make certain that the animals you love — and who have brought such joy to your life — receive proper care for the rest of their lives.

To do this, you can prepare and execute a trust that sets money aside to provide for their needs, that nominates people to carry out your wishes, and that can even name a “trust protector” to make sure that your wishes are followed. To ensure that the trust for your pet will be enforceable, it should comply with the specific provisions of the California Probate Code requirements for a pet trust. You should work with an experienced Fullerton pet trust attorney who has handled these types of trusts, though, someone who has successfully worked with other pet owners.

At the Law Office of Barbara J. Dibble, I have focused my practice on a personal approach that begins and ends with listening to my clients and putting their needs first. I seek to build long-term relationships based on trust and communication.

Estate Plans Should Include Pets

When you create a trust, you set up a new legal entity with the power to own property. Once the trust is established, you can fund it and provide instructions for the trustees. This can be the most effective way to ensure that your animals are well fed and taken care of in the event of your death.

I will take care of all matters necessary to prepare and execute a trust for the care of your pet, gathering all necessary information regarding your pet’s needs, as well as your wishes. I will work closely with you to prepare a document that addresses all your pet’s needs, and will make certain that the trust is created and funded, so that your worries are gone.

Schedule A Free Consultation To Learn More

To arrange a meeting to discuss estate planning for pets with an experienced Santa Ana, California, lawyer, contact my office by e-mail or call me at 714-515-5126. Your initial appointment is free. Evening and weekend consultations are available upon request. I am conveniently located by the Orange County Courthouse, with easy access from the 57 and 91 freeways. I will, however, travel to meet with you, if necessary.