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Experienced Guidance Through The California Probate Process

After a loved one passes away, you will need to address several issues. In addition to funeral costs, outstanding medical bills and other debt, there are also legal issues that must be addressed. I know that mourning the death of a loved one is painful, and I help clients take care of the legal issues that come with death so they can focus on grieving.

At my firm — the Law Office of Barbara J. Dibble — I work with clients throughout Fullerton and Orange County to probate estates. Whether you are a California resident or if you are from out of town and are responsible for probating a California estate, an experienced lawyer can help you complete the process correctly. I can help you handle the affairs of your deceased loved one. Contact me online or call 714-515-5126 to schedule your free initial consultation with a Fullerton, California, probate attorney.

Opportunities Exist To Avoid Probate

Working through probate is a time-consuming, expensive, and complicated process, most of which is very public. Fees are set by statutes, with laws determining how much you will pay for an attorney and an executor. I help my clients to avoid probate with proper estate planning.

If a probate cannot be avoided, I will walk you through the process from beginning to end and will help you deal with such issues as family feuds and conflicts among beneficiaries. In difficult family situations such as will contests, court supervision can actually be helpful to keep feuding family members in line and to protect the executor from liability. I work closely with clients throughout the probate process, identifying assets and beneficiaries and helping you follow the process correctly.

Understanding Ancillary Probate Proceedings

The purpose of an ancillary probate administration in California is to probate some property (usually real estate) that is located in California but owned by a resident of another state (a “non-domiciliary”). Sometimes, there will be a probate proceeding (a “domiciliary probate”) being administered in the home state (the “domiciliary state”) of the person who died.

When the California property of a deceased resident of another state must be probated, you need an experienced probate attorney in California to act on behalf of the out-of-state family and to coordinate the non-domiciliary administration in California with the attorney handling the domiciliary probate in the home state. I have experience with ancillary probate administration and can help you in this regard.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Contact me online or call 714-515-5126 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced Orange County probate lawyer.