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Testimonial for Barbara Dibble, on Trusts:

I had long been wanting to create a will and trust but had always been intimidated by the process and therefore never did it. After my Father passed away and I inherited money from him I knew I had to do it immediately. After seeing an ad for Barbara’s services on the internet I gave her a call. I was immediately impressed with the time she spent with me, the knowledge she had and the ease with which she explained everything to me. She put all the right documents in place, explained everything to me in a manner I could understand and answered any questions I had. On top of that, she is just a really nice person, who I enjoyed interacting with, thus making the entire process great. I highly recommend Barbara and will certainly be using her for any and all future needs I have for the services she provides.

Paul Z.
Westminster, CA

I was extremely fortunate to call Barbara Dibble in anticipation of acting as Executor for my stepfather. I discovered there was a Trust, but due to some unbelievably bad decisions on my stepfather’s part, he managed to get swindled and then sued- and I was dragged into it. I was in totally over my head, completely stressed out, and did not fully comprehend the situation at hand. To make a long story short, Barbara Dibble saved the Trust, and me, through her capable efforts and integrity. She effectively communicated with the others involved, is a great listener with excellent attention to detail, and the one person I felt I could trust to see me through this time. I could not have done anything without Barbara Dibble’s steady guidance and I recommend her highly.

Gregory 0.
Altadena, CA

As a grieving widow faced with the challenge of settling my husband’s estate, I am deeply grateful to Attorney Barbara Dibble. She guided me through what might otherwise have been a difficult process involving wills, trust fund, tax issues, and my financial future. With her help and steady professional expertise, I now have the courage to face the future on my own.

Marilyn D.

When I asked my friend to recommend an attorney, she replied, ‘You must talk with Barbara Dibble. She is wonderful!’ After my husband and I retained her to help write a will and set up trusts, I could only enthusiastically agree with her. Her expertise, her patience to fully explain the work she did for us to answer all our questions, and her compassion were traits we had not seen in previous attorneys. Since I have mobility problems, she kindly came to our house when possible to work together, saving me a difficult trip to her office. So, understandably, I welcome the chance to highly recommend her.

Evelyn H.

I live outside the US. When my mother died in California in 2007, my sisters and I were bombarded with legal papers; it was difficult to understand what our rights and responsibilities were. Within an hour of contacting Ms. Dibble, she pointed out that our mother’s attorney had not filed certain routine trust papers involving her home. This threatened to delay the sale of her house by a year or so, due to the probate process. Ms. Dibble saw to it that the proper papers were filed. She made a difficult process both understandable and efficient, and safeguarded our interests. In 2010, when one of my sisters became critically ill, Ms. Dibble was able to step in quickly, efficiently and compassionately to help her establish a will and trust. Ms. Dibble now handles all of our legal affairs in the US.

Robbin B.

We recently completed our estate planning with Ms. Dibble. She was very efficient and professional. In addition, she had a friendly demeanor and encouraged us to freely ask questions which she answered clearly and accurately. We would definitely recommend Ms. Dibble’s services and have already done so to friends.

Jerry and Karen H.

Losing a family member can be most devastating. To add to that stress, we found that we needed the help of an attorney, because my father’s estate needed to go through probate. We were referred to Barbara Dibble by a family member who was quite pleased with past services that Barbara and her staff had provided. The first time we entered her office, we knew that we had chosen the right person. She was not only compassionate during this difficult grieving period, she was also patient and extremely thorough, anticipating what the Court may require before it was even requested. Because of her dedication to our case, probate was able to close quite a bit sooner than we expected. We are glad to say that now Barbara is our attorney, and we will proudly refer her to our family and friends.

Lynne and Richard B.