Do I need a probate attorney?
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Experienced Legal Counsel For Trust Administration

If you are a trustee of a loved one’s trust, there are specific duties you must complete. Often, it is beneficial to contact an attorney to help complete everything properly. An experienced lawyer can help you administer the trust correctly, so you are not held responsible for liabilities. If you are the beneficiary of a trust, you have a right to expect certain things from the trustee in administering your interest.

At my firm — the Law Office of Barbara J. Dibble — I help trustees and beneficiaries throughout Fullerton and Orange County to complete the trust administration process and to prepare other estate planning documents. Contact me online or call 714-515-5126 to schedule your free initial consultation with an Orange County, California, trust administration lawyer.

If You Are A Trustee Of Loved One’s Trust

If you learn you are a trustee, here are some items that you may need legal assistance with:

  • Preparing legally required notices and accountings
  • Determining if the trust has been funded
  • Identifying the assets of the trust
  • Identifying and communicating with beneficiaries
  • Proper management of trust assets during the administration process
  • Determining what assets are to be retained in trusts, perhaps for a minor beneficiary
  • Filing tax returns
  • Distribution of trust assets

I work closely with my clients to help them to complete all their duties as trustee for a proper trust administration. Trusts typically come with accounting work and tax returns to be filed. I work with trust accounting and tax experts to help correctly administer every aspect of the trust.

The Initial Consultation Is On Me

After the death of the person who made the trust, there are notices that must be sent to various people within a short period of time. I help administrators understand and meet the applicable deadlines. Contact me online or call 714-515-5126 to schedule your free initial consultation with a Fullerton, California, estate planning attorney and learn more about trust administration.