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January 2014 Archives

Breaking tradition for blended Fullerton families

Blended families break tradition by definition. In the past, most married couples tried to stay together despite serious marital differences. The reason most often cited by those couples for staying together was that they were doing it for their children.

Huguette Clark estate settlement challenged

Back in September of last year, Fullerton media reported that a deal had finally been reached in a long-running dispute that involved an $85 million California mansion. The various sides in the dispute over copper heiress Huguette Clark's estate appeared to have compromised on how to divide the estimated $300 million she left behind.

Inheritances: How many Americans leave them and how much they give

Despite the recent recession and the economic belt-tightening, many Americans still want to provide for their children and grandchildren by leaving an inheritance. If you are considering what/how much you might like to leave to your heirs, now may be a good time to get started on your estate plan.

Artist heirs' lawsuit against agent's estate dismissed

Heirs of the American artist best known for inventing kinetic sculpture recently had a court rule against them in a fraud claim against the estate of the artist's longtime dealer. At least three of Alexander Calder's moving sculptures, known as mobiles, are housed not far from Fullerton, in Los Angeles.