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April 2016 Archives

What are the disadvantages of writing my own will?

There is no doubt that in these modern times California residents are interested in "do-it-yourself" solutions. Legal issues are no exception with many people wondering if they need a lawyer at all when creating an estate plan. While it is true that you can accomplish many of the tasks associated with estate planning on your own, your first question should be, "is it a good idea to do so without legal advice?"

Including a revocable trust in your estate plan

A revocable trust can fill an important role in your California estate planning efforts. Much like a will, a revocable trust can identify how you want your assets and personal belongings to be distributed when you die. Other ways a revocable trust can work for you is by specifying your wishes should you become seriously ill or incapacitated and by helping prevent probate for your heirs.

Effective estate planning to keep your family out of probate

The word probate makes most California residents feel uneasy. Many do not really know why this happens, they just know that probate is something to avoid whenever possible. Perhaps these people have heard alarming stories from friends or family about the horrors of probate, or maybe they have read about it online. Whatever the reason, it is safe to say that most people want to keep their family members away from probate after they pass away.

Attorney ethics and estate planning for elders

When representing elderly California clients, attorneys have ethical responsibilities to which they must adhere. This often means that the client's family members are excluded from the estate planning process. As such, these family members may become concerned because they have not been included. However, you should know that there is a reason for this and it is in the best interests of your loved one.

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