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November 2018 Archives

Estate planning tips: What to do immediately after someone dies

When someone close to you passes away, your head will be swimming with emotions -- especially if you are the one who discovers that he or she passed. You may be panicking because it's so difficult to face this kind of reality. However, it's important to focus and take care of several tasks.

Why you need to create a will (before it's too late)

Many California residents have not completed the most basic element of an estate plan: the last will and testament. If you ask them, they'll say something like, "I'm going to do it soon. I just haven't had the time." Or they'll say, "I'll take care of it before the end of the year." But what if today is your last day? What if you die next week and you leave your family without the most vital piece of estate planning documentation?

Estate planning for unmarried couples

In today's social climate, it much more common for couples to live together for long stretches of time before deciding whether to marry. Some choose to remain together and unmarried indefinitely. While this may not cause too many complications while both parties are still living, if one party dies or becomes incapacitated, then the other party may not receive any of their possessions from their estate. Typically, when a legally single person dies, their property passes on to direct relatives, depending on the intestacy laws that their state of residence uses.

Using lottery trusts to protect your interests

While most people think of good luck as finding a good parking spot at the store or avoiding an accident on the freeway, some people find their lives turned upside down by good luck when they win the lottery or come into some other sort of windfall of good fortune. Of course, with every stroke of luck, there is always the possibility that the blessing can become troublesome and cause more problems than it alleviates. For those who find themselves suddenly on the receiving end of lottery winnings, it is wise to consider a lottery trust.

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