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May 2020 Archives

A trust can protect your assets for future generations

Asset protection via a trust can be an important part of estate planning. It can keep your property out of the reach of someone who may attempt to sue you. You may face a lawsuit for virtually any reason. You may be sued for negligence after becoming involved in an automobile accident or as part of the foreclosure process on your home. A lawsuit can put your financial nest egg in jeopardy. This may leave you unable to pass on as many of your assets as you'd hoped to your loved ones when you die.

10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day

The Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age at an even greater rate than many people realize. Did you know that every single day over 10,000 people from this generation turn 65 years of age? That's an average, of course, but it still shows just how quickly they're hitting some very important milestones.

Why a trustee needs receipts and records for everything they do

For someone planning their estate, a trust is a useful tool that can give them increased control and reduce the risk of probate, contention among their family members and other issues during estate administration. Trusts can come in many shapes and sizes, and their benefits range from greater control over the inheritance to protection from creditors and taxes.

How does a joint will work?

Have you always assumed that you and your spouse need separate wills? You make all of your financial decisions together now, but you understand that one of you is most likely going to pass away before the other. You believe this means you both need a will so that the remaining party has their own estate plan in place.

Should your estate plan contain digital assets?

Estate planning typically starts with physical assets, and people often begin with the biggest ones (the house) and work their way down. They may also make plans for financial assets that, while they don't hold them in a tangible form, they still control. This could include an investment portfolio, for instance.

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