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September 2015 Archives

What legal actions should be taken when someone dies?

When an individual dies, a lot of steps will need to be taken by the personal representative, executor or administrator of the deceased individual's estate. This article will list the steps that generally will need to be taken if you happen to be serving one of these roles on behalf of the estate.

Estate planning for your pet's future

A lot of California residents treat their pets like children. In fact, some even treat their pets better than their children. Considering how much we love our furry little friends, it's no wonder that we choose to include them in our estate plans. In fact, the process of safeguarding your pet's future is a lot easier than you might think.

What are charitable remainder trusts?

When you are beginning to set up an estate plan, one of the terms that may come up is a charitable remainder trust. This type of trust allows the owner to convert highly appreciated securities or real estate into income for a lifetime or for a number of years. This also allows you not to have those high capital gains taxes when the asset is sold. What happens is this: the asset that has appreciated is put into an irrevocable trust that is sold by the executor or trustee. These funds are reinvested and you or your beneficiary can now receive a monthly income for the rest of your life or for a predetermined number of years.

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