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July 2016 Archives

Naming beneficiaries is an important component of will creation

When crafting your will, one essential component to consider is the importance of naming your beneficiaries specifically. It may seem like an obvious part of the will-creation process, but many people do not have an understanding of the potential consequences of leaving vague or incomplete instructions as to who specifically will be your beneficiaries, and in what capacity.

Are there variations of charitable remainder trusts?

A charitable remainder trust is an excellent option for those wishing to make charitable donations while selling assets that have appreciated significantly beyond their base value, such as stocks or real estate. Utilizing a charitable remainder trust can allow the seller to skirt capital gains taxation on the appreciated value of the asset, while achieving their charitable giving goals at the same time.

The Role of Your Estate Plan in Retirement Planning

Typical life expectancy is growing. According to the Social Security Administration, if you are a 65 year old man today, you can expect to live until the age of 84.3. Today's 65 year old woman can hope to see 86.6 years. These are averages. About 25 percent of you will live past 90, and ten percent past 95. With Americans living much longer, estate planning is taking on a new and more important role in the lives of our aging population. The growing need for financial support over a longer time frame, requires careful and more innovative financial planning. Today's estate plan must embrace this need.

Should I leave assets directly to my adult children?

Creating an effective estate plan utilizing a trust is an excellent tool for those considering how to protect and distribute wealth, but sometimes an appealing option can have undesirable consequences. Traditionally, many individuals have chosen specific assets to leave to their adult children, but developments in taxation and estate penalties have made this a less viable option for those seeking to maximize their resources through a well-crafted estate plan.

Negligence of a trust creator can invalidate a living trust

A living trust is an excellent for many individuals interested in preserving their accumulated property, depending on their particular needs and what they desire to accomplish with their resources. Like any trust or estate plan, careless planning and execution can lead to difficulties in administration of a trust or unnecessary expenses down the road.

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