Do I need a probate attorney?
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Charitable trusts may benefit

Many people in California, when creating an estate plan, have the desire to leave money to a charity. One effective way is by establishing a charitable trust, which is funded by a donor and leaves a portion of assets to a charity and could also leave some to heirs,...

Who should use revocable trusts?

Many people who want to pass on assets to loved ones in the event of their death can do so by having a legally-binding will created. However, for some people here in California, that is not the only option and there may be other possibilities that better suit their...

What is an express trust?

You have a lot of terms to sort through if you're thinking about creating a trust as part of your estate plan. You can use revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts and much more. One term you may have heard is an express trust. What is this and when...


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