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April 2017 Archives

Employers' retirement plans are not always reliable

Many individuals have invested heavily in their employers' 401(k) retirement plans, but this is not always as much of an advantage as one might hope. A 2015 California Supreme court decision shed light on the issue after a utility company was successfully sued by its employees for failing to properly represent the nature of the plan.

What is an asset protection trust?

Estate planning is a complicated endeavor, with many nuanced financial products available to meet a variety of needs in the marketplace.Trusts are some of the most interesting and complex tools available for estate planning, each with their own function and special rules, allowing them to use the law to your advantage when created properly and used wisely. While many estate plans focus on protecting assets from the probate process after a person passes away, an asset protection trust has a slightly different function.

Retirement accounts and estate planning

When creating your estate plan, it is important to consider your various retirement accounts and how you plan to distribute the underlying assets to your beneficiaries. Of course, 401k accounts, Individualized Retirement Accounts (IRA's), Roth IRA's and Social Security benefits all operate slightly differently and have different terms for payout. It is crucial that you make sure that your estate planning attorney has all of the correct, up-to-date information when helping you assemble the right plan for you.

Is it time to simplify your assets?

As you get older, it may become increasingly difficult to stay on top of your finances, even if you have considerable resources. There are a number of reasons why finances become more complicated as we age, but all of them point to the same conclusion — it is important to get proper estate planning help before you think you need it. Otherwise, you might lose a significant portion of your assets to simple mistakes that could have been avoided.

Protect your special needs children with a living trust

Children are born with and develop special needs every day in California. Some children are born with conditions such as Autism and Down Syndrome, which may require special care. Other children acquire conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy or different conditions during birth or as they grow. Whatever the cause of your children's (or grandchildren's) special needs, you know that they will require different protections and help as they grow up.

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