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You may not own your digital assets

Digital products are taking over. You don't own a shelf full of CDs and tapes. You have a phone full of digital albums that you can bring up with a click. You don't have a cabinet full of DVDs. You have an Amazon account where you can log in and stream whatever you want. You don't even have books on your bookshelves anymore. You own ebooks that you read on a variety of devices, while your shelves collect dust.

Different types of wills have different origins

When you decide to do your estate planning, you need to know how to draft a valid will in the United States. That typically means a written will signed by you and a witness and/or notarized. While using a notary is not required, it's an extra step that people sometimes take to ensure the validity of the will.

What constitutes a valid will in California?

There are some common questions that many clients that are looking to prepare their wills ask their estate planning attorney. One question centers around what's an appropriate age to draft it. Another has to do with how often it needs updating. A third has to do with what it's going to take for the testator to make sure that it will stand up in a court of law. These are all important questions.

People often do not get around to writing a will

There are plenty of reasons why people do not write wills, as evidenced by the fact that most people don't have one. Some think it will cost too much. Others do not know where to start. Others think that they don't have enough assets for it to be important. Still others think that it doesn't matter if they have one or not.

Writing a will gives you peace of mind

There are plenty of reasons to write a will, and maybe you've mulled over a lot of them already. You have significant assets that you need to sort out. Your children want to know what they should expect to inherit. You want to figure out what the tax burden of your estate looks like. You're a business owner and you need to decide what to do with the company.

Can you use a handwritten will?

You're thinking about writing a will, but you don't like the idea of typing one up. You worry about cybersecurity and you don't know who else may access any digital files you create. It seems better to write the will yourself and keep it in a safe place.

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