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How to set up a trust fund for your pet

As is the case with many California residents, your pet has a special place in your life and relies on you for all of its needs. Perhaps you have wondered what would happen to your pet if you were to pass away with no one to care for it. There is a solution whereby your pet can continue to receive proper care after your death. As part of your estate planning, our attorneys can assist you in drawing up a pet trust fund in which you set aside finances for the complete care of your dog or cat.

We have the knowledge regarding the details involved in preparing and executing a pet trust. Moreover, we have experience and skill with assisting our clients in setting up such a document. We can help you make sure that your pet trust is in line with the California Probate Code’s requirements so it can legally be enforced.

In creating a trust, you are appointing a trustee to manage and look after the assets that are placed into it. In the case of a pet trust, the trustee would make sure your wishes for your beloved animals are carried out. This is a successful method in which you can feel assured that your pets are well cared for long after you are gone.

At our firm, our clients and their needs are our top concern, and we work hard to earn their trust. If you would like more information about our firm and on how we can help you with your pet’s needs after you are gone, please take a look at our page on estate planning for pets.


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